How to type Chinese and what is the most popular input software?

2021/07/24 22:25

If you want to type Chinese, you need to install specified software on your mobile phone or PC. There are many popular input software in China, but the most popular one is “Sougou” input ( The majority Chinese use this software to input Chinese both on mobile phone and PC.

Sougou Input

Sougou Input

I entered a keywords “中文输入法(Chinese input software)” in Huawei App store. Below is the result. As it shows,  Sougou is the No.1 with 2.7 billion installations. iFlytech are No. 2 with 1.6 billion installations. No. 3 is Baidu, with 0.4 billion installations.

Started in June 2006, Sogou input has become the most popular input software in China mainland. But according to the “2020 China Third-Party Mobile Phone Input Method Market Epidemic Report” released by the third-party data agency iMedia Consulting, Baidu Input Method has surpassed Sogou Input Method, and has become the third-party input method with the largest number of users in China. Moreover, Baidu input method’s users are younger than other competitors.

most popular china input method

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