How to say “Good Morning” in Chinese company?

2021/04/23 7:57

If you work at a Chinese company, just as you work in other foreign companies, it’s a good manner to say something like “Good morning” when you meet your colleagues in the morning. What I want to introduce here is how to say “Good morning” in Chinese like the native speakers do.

Actually, it depends on which province or city you live in China.

If you live in the so-called first level city (defined by population) such as Shanghai, Beijing, you can just say,

“早啊(zāo ā)”

“早啊(zāo ā)” is the informal expression of “早上好(zāo shàng hǎo)”. Most people in Shanghai don’t say “早上好(zāo shàng hǎo)” but they tend to say “早啊” because it‘s simpler and sounds more closer.

In big cities where the Chinese Madarin is the mainstream you can say like this, but if you work at some cities (exclude the provincial capital city) in other provinces such as Linyi (Shandong Province,山东省), Xuzhou (Jiangsu Province,江苏省), etc., it’s more natural to speak following the tradition of local dialects.

As you may know, China has too many dialects and most of them has huge differences and people speaking different dialects even can’t communicate with each other (if the distance of two cities is too far). But don’t worry! Almost 100% of Chinese can understand Mandarin, so you can just learn the Chinese mandarin.

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