What’s the difference between “喜欢” and “爱”?

2021/05/21 8:06

The difference between “喜欢” and “爱”

If you are dating a Chinese girl and she is your type. At her birthday party, you have a wonderful dinner with her and you want to express your feeling. At this moment, you can just say “我喜欢你” or “我爱你”. But what’s the difference between “我喜欢你” and “我爱你”? I will give you a detailed explanation in this post.

First, “喜欢” is kind of informal and arbitrary. You can use “喜欢” to your brother, sister or friends when you want to express the feeling that they are very nice and you like them.

While “爱” is a much more stonger and deeper feeling. You can use “爱” to your parents but most Chinese families don’t say “我爱你” in daiy life and even in speicial moment because they are shy in culture and tend to hide their love in deep heart and express it. Of course, some kids may say “我爱你” to their parents but this generally not happen to adults.

Either “喜欢” or “爱” have several ways to express the level of one’s feeling. I will introduce it one by one as following.

我有点喜欢她。I I kind of like her.

我很喜欢她。I like her a lot.

我好喜欢她。I like her so much.

我爱她。I love her.

我很爱她。I love her so much.

我非常爱她。I love her very much (In English, this one seems simiilar with the above one “I love her so much”, but in Chinese, it differs a lot).

All above sample use “她”, which is third person. If you want to say I love you or I like you to a Chinse girl, just replace “她” (she) with “你” (you).

How to make it clear whether she likes you or not

If you want to know whether she likes you or not and you are very confusing, you can find the answer indirectly. For example, you can say “你觉得我怎么样?” (what do you think about me?), or you can be braver by saying “你喜欢我吗?” (Do you like me?). But I recommend you not to ask directly if you are not sure, because your heart may hurt if the girl doesn’t have much experience in relationship and reject you directly.

Another nonverbal way to know whether a girl likes you or not is to invite her for a dinner or party. If she reject you with no reason or simple reason, she may probably has no feeling for you.

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