New HSK 3.0 Vocabulary App Update

2022/07/19 14:52

Update notes

Every App is not perfect at first and needs to be updated to improve the quality and user experience. Our App is also not an exception.

We updated the New HSK 3.0 Vocabulary 1-9 App. The major improvements are listed below.

  1. We added native speaker tips for some important words, so that you will know how Chinese native speakers use these words in daily life and how to avoid misuses.
  2. Definition of all words are modified to a clearer descriptions.
  3. Add some heteronyms.
  4. Some difficult sentences were deleted.
  5. Some characters were displayed as “?” due to encoding in previous version. This bug was fixed.
  6. Some other bugs were fixed.

Since the vocabulary database was updated in many places in this version, we recommend all current users to update to this new version (0.05).


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