Why do you need our New HSK Vocabulary App?

2022/06/02 18:31

Recenlty, we released the first version of our New HSK Vocabulary App.

You may want to know why did we develop such an App. Let me tell you the reason.

On March, 2021, the China Ministry of Education released the new Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education. According to the new standard, HSK test 3.0 will introduce new level 7/8/9. Although the vocabulary for HSK Level 1~6 will keep stable, but the vocabulary in each level changed greatly.

That is to say, all the HSK vocabulary Apps developed based on old HSK standard was already outdated. Chinese learners and HSK Test participants need a new App.

Our App was developed based on new standard and also include the old HSK vocabulary. It includes 11, 580+ words across Level 1~6~789. For more interesting features, please view this page.


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