How to transfer to Pudong Airport at Longyang Road Station?

2021/05/04 11:07

If you have a tour to visit Shanghai and you plan to go back to your own country departing from Pudong International Airport by airplane, you will probably need to transfer at Longyang Road Station, which is a big transit station with Subway line 2/7/16 and the famous magnetically levitated train (Abbr. maglev train).

Yesterday, I sent my friend off at Longyang Road Station and took several photos for your reference. Also, I walked around the station and get some real information about how to take the maglev train. All the information here is my real experience and I think it will do some help if you need it.

Longyang Road Station

The first maglev train depart at 6:45 AM. That is to say, if your flight departs at 10:00 AM, you don’t need to arrive at Longyang Road too earlier. Of course, Subway Line 2 can also arrive in Pudong International Airport, but it takes much more time (roughly 1 hour and first subway passes Longyang Road at 6:18). You can buy a meglev train ticket on the machine (please see the photo below).

As you can see in the following photo I took at around 7:00 AM, it’s crowded during Labour Day Golden Week (Chinese have a holiday of 5 days).

At last I want to share the Meglev train information to you. I hope you have a wonderful journey in Shanghai.



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