Two websites will help you know real China

2021/10/18 23:45

The best way to know more about China is diving into Chinese net groups and observing how Chinese are talking to each other. Today I will recommend you two famous websites in China Zhihu and Douba.

1 zhihu (

Founded in 2010, (知乎) is a website just like Quaro in USA. People ask questions and get answers from various people on this website. Moreover, people can sell online audio lectures, e-books and products from Taobao (, the founder is Jack Ma, very famous), Jingdong (, etc. on this website to make money.

Homepage Of

Homepage Of

Similar with other Internet content platform, the business model of is mainly Advertisement. Besides, as mentioned above, get commissions at a certain rate when users sold product including e-books, audio lectures, etc.

2 Douban (

Douban (豆瓣) is a Chinese website founded in 2005, older than Zhihu, but not as famous as Zhihu. Chinese young people often find movie or book by viewing the book/movies ranking lists and reviews of Douban also has many user groups about many topics like foods, travel, exam, study…

Homepage Of

Homepage Of

Although there are many other websites in China, but they are not as popular as above two. So I will not recommend to you today.

If you want to practice reading, I think it’s a good place for you.


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